ACT-R Progress Review 1999.
What should a model of “real” cognition be like?
    Moray, N.  1999.  Invited critical paper on state of progress in ACT-R development 1999. Concentrates on the need
    for cognitive modelling to deal with real-time dynamics.

Advanced displays can be hazardous: the problem of evaluation.
    Neville Moray. 1995.  Kyoto meeting on nuclear safety.
    A study of the way in which "intelligent" displays in control rooms, that can be configured in real time by operators, can
    provoke operator errors.

Software Command Agents in Battlefield Training Simulation.
     Neville Moray. 1999.  Contract ASF/3407.
     A report prepared  for DERA assessing the practicality of using software agents to simulate the role played by humans in realistic training simulators for battlefield decision making. Note the date.  Rather out of date because of the advances in AI and computer science development. There is an annotated bibliography that may be of some interest.